We are clinical software end to end solution provider. From initial software development to implementation and subsequent servicing.

You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of services we provided.


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  • MedSys HIS solutions manage administrative to financial functions in an integrated clinical information platform.
Service Name

Clinical software solution

  • Optimize and scale your in & out patients facilities without worry.
  • Control costs and eliminate unplanned expenses
  • Allows business continuity services
  • Reduce and minimize medical error
  • Allows business continuity services
  • Increase clinician mobility and accessing data anywhere - web base & mobile enable solution
  • Practice according to international standard – ICD 9, 10, HL7 data exchange
  • Managing from administrative to clinical workflows and processes with user friendly interfaces

Radiotherapy Mask & Immobilisation

  • Klarity Medical & Equipment providing the most modern and effective tools to improve efficiency and quality of care for therapists and patients.
  • Thermoplastic Masks. S-Type, U-Frame, O-Type, P-type, Stereotactic, E-Type, BoS, V-Type and all frame types.
  • AccuCushions: advanced indexing tools for comforting, customized support
  • Vacuum Bag: a stronger, more durable vacuum bag
  • Baseplates and Overlays:Carbon fiber and acrylic baseplates and overlays for accurate positioning and increased patient comfort.

Dedicated to Cancer Treatment Software

    RaySearch Laboratories is advancing cancer treatment through pioneering software. Software has unlimited potential, and we believe it is now the driving force for innovation in oncology. Medical science never stands still, and neither does RaySearch. We work in close cooperation with leading cancer centers to bring scientific advancements faster to the clinical world. Today, our solutions support thousands of clinics worldwide in the fight against cancer.